Important message from Archdiocese of Liverpool

Mgr. Peter Fleetwood has asked for the following message to be circulated to parishes:

Given that all our hospitals are more or less in lockdown, people are allowed to visit sick patients only in exceptional circumstances.

That means they cannot ask ward staff to contact the chaplains on behalf of their sick relative or friend. I would suggest that, if any priest knows of parishioners in hospital who would appreciate a visit from a member of one of the chaplaincy teams, they can contact the chaplains directly, using the contact information on page 209 of the 2020 Archdiocesan Directory. We are not always able to visit wards dedicated to COVID-19 patients, but exceptions are sometimes made in end-of-life situations. With every good wish,

Aidan Prescott


Until further notice to comply with the latest Government Instructions there will be no public acts of worship in our churches. This will be under continuous review as Government advice changes.

Fr. Dominic will continue to celebrate Mass via a live stream at 8:30am Monday to Saturday and 9:45am Sunday, from Our Lady Star of the Sea Church physically alone but in communion with the whole Church and will remember all in his prayers.

The live stream for Mass will appear above at the time of Mass and remain for people to watch until the next Mass celebration takes place.

Sunday Masses Celebrated in private by Fr. Dominic will be offered for ‘the people of the Parish’.  However, if you have an intention you wish to be offered at one of the ‘non-Sunday’ Masses, please clearly write the intention and place it in an envelope with offering, then post through the Our Lady Star of the Sea Presbytery green post-box. They will be offered by Fr. Dominic at one of his daily Masses on his own.


Welcome to our Parish

As a parish we are always seeking new ways to enable people to feel welcome and at home within our community. We believe that everyone should be valued and respected as ‘children of God’ and are committed to enabling people both young and old to come to realise this more and more in their daily lives.

Based upon our own experience of God, we try to live out the Gospel values in everything we do, both at home, in our work place and in our community prayer. We realise that, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we are ‘church’ and so are called to witness to the love of God in our lives.

We hope that as you look through our web site you will experience the unity we are striving for within our parish and realise that as a Catholic community we find our strength through the Eucharist which leads us into a deeper relationship with Christ and one another.

Our simple prayer

“Lord, deepen in us our love for you today, so that in all things we may find our good, and the good of others”.

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