Easter Sunday 21st April 2019

Easter Message of the Most Rev. Malcolm McMahon OP, Archbishop of Liverpool

Whether we recognise it or not our lives have been changed for ever by the Risen Lord at Easter. All too often we fail to see the good things of life when they are right in front of us, it may be the joy which other people can bring us, or it could be something we see in the beauty of the world around us, particularly as new life comes to us in spring time after the darkness of the winter months.

On the first Easter morning Mary of Magdala stayed outside the empty tomb weeping. She was grieving, mourning the death of Jesus. It was the end of everything that she had hoped for and believed in. Her Lord had been crucified and buried, now his body had been taken. As she wept a man came up to her and said, ‘Woman, why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?’ Mary didn’t recognise the man and thought he was the gardener, she said, ‘Sir, if you have taken him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will go and remove him.’ Then the man looked at her and said, ‘Mary’ and at that point she recognised him as Jesus, the Risen Lord.

In that instant Mary’s life changed, all she had hoped for came true, and in the most unexpected way. She didn’t recognise Jesus, she even thought he was the gardener, and then she knew him. ‘It was very early on the first day of the week and still dark, when Mary of Magdala came to the tomb’, and with the dawn the darkness of her own life was transformed for ever. If we can hear the Risen Lord saying our name, our lives can be transformed too.

We live in difficult times. These last weeks and months have been filled with uncertainty and division. Political indecision and financial insecurity lead us to worry about the future for ourselves and for our families. We need the light to keep us going and give us hope. Real hope is based on the resurrection of Jesus, otherwise it is just optimism. The trouble with optimism is that it is just a desire for things to get better and is really only wishful thinking. Hope says that they will get better because Jesus has risen from the dead, and that hope is given to us too. So why not enjoy this season of Easter by looking for signs of new life and resurrection in the ordinary things we encounter every day. You will be surprised by what you see, your faith will be enriched, and it will be fun.

Vigil and Requiem for Peter Boyle: This Easter week for our community, for me, life is changed as we say in our Funeral rite and as we will say as we celebrate the life of Peter Boyle who was taken from us, and especially his beloved family so suddenly. Let us, as a community, specially keep Peter’s family in our prayers.

Mass & Liturgy Times

Easter Sunday, 21st April 9:45am Mary O’Toole OLSS
11:15am Mass Association SToC
4:30pm Kathleen & Stephen Downing SToC

Mon, 22nd Apr 12:00 Noon Peter Cooke SToC

Tues, 23rd Apr 10:00 am School Mass OLSS
12:00 Noon Edward Cain & Gertrude Devine SToC

Wed 24th Apr 6:00 pm Vigil Service & Reception of Peter Boyle into Church OLSS

Thurs 25th Apr 11:00 am Requiem Mass of Peter Boyle OLSS

Fri 26th Apr 10:00 am Peter Boyle (LD) OLSS

Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday)
Sat, 27th Apr 5:00 pm People of the Parish OLSS
Sun, 28th Apr 9:45 am Kathleen Downing OLSS
11:15 am Alex Crabtree SToC
4:30 pm Michael Cooke SToC

Enrolled in Mass Association
Sheila Cooper, Peter Boyle(2), McQuaid Family

Sick list: Sarah Carlin, Alison Payne, Christopher Murphy, Mary Gorton, Gladys Haslett, Christopher Browne, Joe Fitzpatrick, Nick Gilligan, Robert Guy, Paul Murphy, Louis Harvy, Madeleine Judge, Myra McLaughlin, Fr Bob Douglas, Agnes Brown, Alyce Matthews, Clifford Browne, Elaine Jackson, Sue Carlin, Eileen Albert, Raymond Hivey, Cornelius Power
Lately Dead: Peter Boyle, Canon John Gaine

With you Always Sacramental Programme: Eucharist Retreat Morning
Saturday 27th April 9:30am – 12:30 at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church
This is an essential time to gather and reflect together as families before our Children receive their First Holy Communion. So we can dive deeper into the mystery they are to receive. A retreat is a time to pause, a time to reflect and is something the Church sees as essential at important times in people’s faith journeys. This is why we started these retreat days. The Sacrament of the Eucharist is the most important, most central within our Faith of all the Sacraments we receive.
Danishes and hot and cold drinks available on arrival, as we begin the day with breakfast as Jesus gathered his disciples for breakfast after his resurrection.


Lady or Sacred Heart Altar Lamps at Star will only be lit when intentions have been requested.
OLSS: Sanctuary: Peace in the Holy Land
SToC: Sanctuary: Holy Souls

ALTAR WINE/BREADS: Parishioners are invited to make a donation of £10 for altar wine/breads in memory of a loved one. Please place your donation in an envelope with the intention and Church and place it on the collection plate or drop it off at the parish office.
OLSS: Apr: McEvoy & McLennan families May: John & Norah Latham
SToC: Apr: Stephen Prior

If you want your Child Baptised you must fill in a baptismal request form (and leave your details for Parish Catechists to arrange a visit), be attending Mass regularly and attend a baptismal course. Dates only booked after course. Please make sure you have completed forms prior to the course.
The next course will take place at 7:00pm on Tuesday, 7th May at St Thomas of Canterbury Church

The cost for enrolment in the Mass Association and Card is £7.50. To enrol and purchase a card, please fill in a Mass Association slip and place in envelop with donation. Holy Mass and prayers will be offered for all people enrolled in the Mass Association once a month for 12 months.
There will also be special remembrances for the Mass Association at Christmas, Easter and on the Feast Days of St Thomas of Canterbury & Our Lady Star of the Sea.
The SVP would like to thank all parishioners for their generous donations.
SToC – £169.38 OLSS – £139.99


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