Fifth Sunday of Easter 19th May 2019

Pope Francis says in The Joy of the Gospel:
The Church’s closeness to Jesus is part of a common journey; ‘communion and mission are profoundly interconnected’.[20] In fidelity to the example of the Master, it is vitally important for the Church today to go forth and preach the Gospel to all: to all places, on all occasions, without hesitation, reluctance or fear. The joy of the Gospel is for all people: no one can be excluded… The Book of Revelation speaks of ‘an eternal Gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on earth, to every nation and tongue and tribe and people’ (Rev 14:6)[23]

The first followers of Jesus were recognised by the love they showed for one another: they were learning to love one another in the same way that Jesus loved them. That is the challenge Jesus has left us — to go and make disciples by loving as he loved. Can you imagine trying to do this on your own? For all its faults, the Church is still called to do what Jesus came to do. The third Synod question invites us to think about what that means here and now.

Synod Question 3
What is the purpose of the Catholic Church in the world today?

Light a candle and take a moment’s silence before praying: Risen Jesus, may we know the power of your love in our lives and through your Holy Spirit may we have the courage to share that love with a world that is hungry and broken and so glorify your name. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Umbrella Project comes to Star of the Sea Church
You may have noticed the colourful umbrellas in the entrance of the church. These umbrellas are part of the Umbrella Project run by the ADHD Foundation to celebrate the unique gifts of all children and how our neuro diversity is a gift to be celebrated.
We have umbrellas in Star of the Sea church as well as in the school hall and they all have messages written on them from the children, telling us about their gifts or superpowers. Let’s enjoy, welcome and celebrate people of all abilities and the gifts we all have within us, which makes us all unique.

(OLSS = Our Lady Star of the Sea; SToC = St. Thomas of Canterbury)

Fifth Sunday of Easter
Sat, 18th May 5:00 pm Anthony & Trixie OLSS
Sun, 19th May 9:45 am Marian & Peter Maher OLSS
11:15 am People of the Parish SToC
4:30 pm Fr. Joe Cunningham SToC

Mon, 20th May 10:00 am Thanks for Mass & Sympathy cards (MB) OLSS
Tues, 21st May 9:30 am Peter Boyle (LD) OLSS school
12:00 Noon Danny Towers (LD) SToC
Wed 22nd May NO MASS
Thurs 23rd May 9:30 am Mary Dillon (80th b’day) SToC
Fri 24th May 10:00 am Steve Duncalf OLSS

Sixth Sunday of Easter
Sat, 25th May 5:00 pm Peter Boyle (LD) OLSS
Sun, 26th May 9:45 am People of the Parish OLSS
11:15 am Grace Clarke (LD) SToC
4:30 pm Sick & Infirm clergy SToC

Enrolled in Mass Association
Sick list: Sarah Carlin, Alison Payne, Christopher Murphy, Mary Gorton, Gladys Haslett, Christopher Browne, Joe Fitzpatrick, Nick Gilligan, Robert Guy, Paul Murphy, Louis Harvy, Madeleine Judge, Myra McLaughlin, Fr Bob Douglas, Agnes Brown, Alyce Matthews, Clifford Browne, Elaine Jackson, Sue Carlin, Eileen Albert, Raymond Hivey, Cornelius Power, Tess Williams

Lately Dead: Fr Joe Cunningham, Fr John Smith, James Brady, Gerard Ludden

Lady or Sacred Heart Altar Lamps at Star will only be lit when intentions have been requested.
OLSS: Sanctuary: Synod 2020
SToC: Sanctuary: The Church in Africa

ALTAR WINE/BREADS: Parishioners are invited to make a donation of £10 for altar wine/breads in memory of a loved one. Please place your donation in an envelope with the intention and Church and place it on the collection plate or drop it off at the parish office.
OLSS: May: John & Norah Latham June: Kathleen Downing July: Mr & Mrs Colleran
SToC: May: June: Michael Simon

Opening Balance at 1/1/2018 £1,173
Members 320 Families, ex-offenders, homeless 5633
Donations 2180 Families in neighbouring parishes 400
Church collect 3556 Tithes to central SVP 733
Raffles 160 Twinnage with parishes in India 300
Fr Paul Jusu (Sierra Leone) 100
TOTAL £6216 TOTAL £7166
Closing Balance at 31/12/18 £223
Many thanks for your continuing generosity. We count on your continued support

Synod2020 Parish Listening Meetings:
We have come to the time when we, the Parish members, are invited to contribute to the Synod process. Over the next 6-8 weeks meetings will be arranged for us to come together to share our own experiences with reference to the Synod’s questions. In these meetings there will not be discussions or debate but listening to each other without judgement. Please do try to attend these meetings as your contributions are very important to the Synod going forward.
The next meeting is as follows:
• Monday 20th May at 7:00pm in the Canterbury Room (STOC)

Parish Office opening times
Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am – 12:30; Friday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Messages can be left during the times the office is not open on the answer machine by telephoning (0151 928 2338) or by emailing

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