Pentecost Sunday 9th June 2019

Fr. Dominic’s Desk: On 10 years a Priest
It seems really strange to be writing this in anticipation of my 10 year anniversary of priesthood on Wednesday. It both seems like I have never been anything else and that I still feel the new excitement of celebrating the Sacraments and the honour of being invited in, to share in people’s lives.
I could not think of anything else I would rather be.
I could not imagine anything more exciting than the daily diving deeper and deeper into the mystery of God, in the company of the people God has entrusted to my care. I am continually humbled by God’s goodness and amazed at how much God has entrusted to me so that, often, I take as my own Peter’s word ‘leave me Lord I am a sinful man’.
Yet God continues to pour out blessings upon me in and through so many people, so that my only prayer can be ‘thank you God’.
As I come to celebrate my 10 years as a priest, I am brought to a joyful and peaceful silence by the immensity of the Blessings that have been and continue to be poured upon me.
I think this is a good thing as I feel a 10 year anniversary is not about shouting or partying but about reflection, taking stock of the journey travelled and strengthening my trust that my loving God who’s brought me thus far will lead me on to where God needs me.
What I promise is that on Wednesday evening as I’m celebrating Mass for my tenth anniversary, in the silence of the prayer, I will hold all those I’m honoured to serve in my prayers and ask you to continue to hold me in yours.

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(OLSS = Our Lady Star of the Sea; SToC = St. Thomas of Canterbury)
Pentecost Sunday
Sat, 8th June 5:00 pm Holy Souls OLSS
Sun, 9th June 9:45 am People of the Parish OLSS
11:15 am UCM SToC
4:30 pm Geraldine Delaney SToC

Mon, 10th June 10:00 am Joyce Hivey OLSS
Tues, 11th June 9:30 am Sick & Infirm Clergy OLSS school
Wed, 12th June 7:00 pm Fr Dominic anniversary of ordination OLSS
Thurs, 13th June 9:30 am Frank & Bill Moore (Anv) SToC
Fri, 14th June 10:00 am Tom Donahue OLSS

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
Sat, 15th June 5:00 pm People of the Parish OLSS
Sun, 16th June 9:45 am Raymond Hivey (LD) OLSS
11:15 am Tess Williams (LD) SToC
4:30 pm Joseph & Alban Ledgett SToC

Enrolled in Mass Association
Bernardo Fiol Moya, Mark Haldane

Sick list: Sarah Carlin, Alison Payne, Christopher Murphy, Mary Gorton, Gladys Haslett, Christopher Browne, Joe Fitzpatrick, Nick Gilligan, Robert Guy, Paul Murphy, Louis Harvy, Madeleine Judge, Myra McLaughlin, Fr Bob Douglas, Agnes Brown, Alyce Matthews, Clifford Browne, Elaine Jackson, Sue Carlin, Eileen Albert, Elizabeth O’Donahue

Lately Dead: Raymond Hivey, Pat Garret

Funeral Mass for Tess Williams will be held at 2:15pm on Tuesday, 11th June at St Oswald’s Parish, Padgate Lane, Warrington WA1 3LB

Lady or Sacred Heart Altar Lamps at Star will only be lit when intentions have been requested.
OLSS: Sanctuary: Synod 2020
SToC: Sanctuary: Migrants & refugees
ALTAR WINE/BREADS: Parishioners are invited to make a donation of £10 for altar wine/breads in memory of a loved one. Please place your donation in an envelope with the intention and Church and place it on the collection plate or drop it off at the parish office.
OLSS: June: Kathleen Downing July: Mr & Mrs Colleran
SToC: June: Michael Simon

The cost for enrolment in the Mass Association and Card is £7.50. To enrol and purchase a card, please fill in a Mass Association slip and place in envelop with donation. Holy Mass and prayers will be offered for all people enrolled in the Mass Association once a month for 12 months.
There will also be special remembrances for the Mass Association at Christmas, Easter and on the Feast Days of St Thomas of Canterbury & Our Lady Star of the Sea

SCRIPTURE WEEKEND, Led by Fr Chris Thomas;- ‘SING A NEW SONG UNTO THE LORD’ – Friday 21st – SUNDAY 23rd JUNE

Parish Office (opening times)
Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am – 12:30; Friday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Messages can be left during the times the office is not open on the answer machine by telephoning (0151 928 2338) or by emailing
PLEASE NOTE: I will be away on vacation from 10th August to 19th August and there will be no one in the office during that time. You can still leave non urgent messages on the answering machine as they will be checked by Fr Dominic.

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