3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

SYNOD 2020 Next Step:

As a Parish having listened and discerned God’s call; the proposals for action we have submitted to Synod2020 office on the Theme Sharing the mission of Jesus” are:

Proposal 1: To have a centralised database maintained by the Archdiocese to keep people informed in Parish, Pastoral Area and Diocese of what is happening (e.g. forwarding weekly newsletters to a central database).
Proposal 2: Setting up of an Archdiocesan committee (clergy, lay people etc), to help inform over building usage.
Proposal 3: Provision of training to facilitate growth of lay ministry and lay leadership.
Proposal 4: Enabling knowledge and access of what is already available by collating a skills database, and recognise gaps both locally and across the diocese, and actively develop interagency connections.
Proposal 5: Provision to be made, centrally, for evangelisation and teaching of the faith, particularly addressing common misconception, with the aim and focus to lead to greater inclusion and welcome (particularly of the divorced etc.)

Our Current Theme is:  How we Pray Together The date of the second parish meetings to reflect on what proposals we find energy in under the title of “How we Pray together” is:

  • Wednesday 12th February 7:00 pm in the Canterbury Room at St. Thomas of Canterbury Church.

From the Desk of Kenny

What a great response we had from our Welcome Questionnaires last weekend! Thank you so much for taking time to take part and share your suggestions. There was quite a varied response in suggestions ranging from liturgical to practical. Across all the Mass celebrations from last weekend, we received 81 back. All the suggestions are currently with our Liturgy Group for deeper reflection on what is realistically possible to try to work on in the near future. 7pm on 25th February at St Thomas of Canterbury is the date for the next Liturgy Group meeting. Please do come along to discuss your suggestions further.

This week’s lamp intentions:

Lady or Sacred Heart Altar Lamps at Star will only be lit when intentions have been requested.

OLSS: Sanctuary:   

SToC: Sanctuary:    

ALTAR WINE/BREADS: Parishioners are invited to make a donation of £10 for altar wine/breads in memory of a loved one. Please place your donation in an envelope with the intention and Church and place it on the collection plate or drop it off at the parish office.

OLSS:  Jan: Anon     Feb: Peter Boyle                     SToC: Jan:  Private Intention

The SVP would like to thank you for your continued support.  Last collection raised:

SToC: £179.67           OLSS: £116.03

Parish Mass Association

The cost for enrolment in the Mass Association and Card is £7.50. To enrol and purchase a card, please fill in a Mass Association slip and place in envelop with donation.  Holy Mass and prayers will be offered for all people enrolled in the Mass Association once a month for 12 months.

There will also be special remembrances for the Mass Association at Christmas, Easter and on the Feast Days of St Thomas of Canterbury & Our Lady Star of the Sea.

Synod 2020 Talks:

  • Monday 9 March 2020: The Church as a Fragmented Mirror by David McLoughlin
  • Monday 20 April 2020: Participating in Christ’s Ministry in the 2020s  by Kate Wilkinson & Rev Dr Peter McGrail

All are welcome for what promises to be an inspirational and enriching series.

Venue: LACE, Croxteth Drive, Liverpool L17 1AA.

Tea and Coffee served from 7pm. Talk begins at 7:30pm and concludes at 8:45pm. Optional Night prayer follows at 9pm.

18-35 years old? Passionate about the climate? Become a Climate Champion with CAFOD!

Being a Climate Champion is all about doing what you can to care for our common home. There is some time commitment (training, events) involved, as well as monthly individual and group challenges, but it’s mostly in your own time with a chance to share your experiences and ideas.

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, JUST PASSION! Written and video applications accepted. See cafod.org.uk/climatechampion  

Deadline: 31st January 2020

Baptism Course (up to Yr 2)

If you want your Child Baptised you must fill in a baptismal request form (and leave your details for Parish Catechists to arrange a visit), be attending Mass regularly and attend a baptismal course. Dates only booked after course. The next course will take place at: 7:00pm on Monday, 3rd February at St Edmund of Canterbury Church. Please complete forms prior to the course.

Parish Office (opening times)  Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am – 12:30; Friday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. Messages can be left during the times the office is not open on the answer machine by telephoning (0151 928 2338) or by emailing olss@rcaolp.co.uk.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR:                                                             

Sick list:, Christopher Murphy, Mary Gorton, Gladys Haslett, Christopher Browne, Joe Fitzpatrick, Nick Gilligan, Robert Guy, Paul Murphy, Louis Harvy, Madeleine Judge, Myra McLaughlin, Fr Bob Douglas, Agnes Brown, Clifford Browne,  Sue Carlin,  Tommy Swan, William Donegan, Martin Maxwell,  Ros Maxwell, Mary Dillon, Jayne Anderton, Paul Taylor, Cathy Balshaw, Terry Clinton.

Lately Dead: Alex Crabtree

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